Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going to camp

Every year from Kindergarten on- we send the kids to camp- first they go for 2 says and work up to a week. This year Trey, Toby, and Dylan all went during the same week- usually I have to make 3-4 trips to camp for drop off and pick up- it is about a 4 hour drive each way.

Bryce wanted to go with me to drop his brothers off- and while we were there he decided he wanted to stay. I am really glad he stayed- but that meant I had to drive down the Mt. for 2 hours- go buy him clothes for camp, and then take them back up to him. I did it-and I know he will have fun.

I sure miss them all though. Bryce is in a pre-counselor camp and will get to go water rafting. the other boys will do ropes courses. I remember going to camp as a kid and how much I loved it!

Dylan rock climbing

Sky Ranch is their camp

Toby hiking- doesn't he look happy?

Bryce and Trey at camp

Root Beer, along for the ride

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  1. hehe, at least you had root beer to keep you company driving that many hours! Your such a great Mom.