Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We have a new family member....

Jesse has joined our family- Tay just realized that she looks like her- so we had to buy her. She has played with her for 2 days- she never plays with toys that long- so that makes me happy to see her so happy.

We went to the zoo today- it was pretty fun just Tay and I- the boys are all at camp this week.

I still have not cleaned my closet- I need to because I am having a yard sale next weekend.

We took Tay to see Toy Story in 3D- it was her first 3D movie. My brother did not take his son to see it because he heard it was too stressful on children- anyone else feel that way?

I made strawberry crepes for dinner- they were so good! That is about it from us- busy summer.


  1. LOVE the Jessie doll! Kayla has just started to get into the whole Toy Story thing.

  2. Our little girl LOVES her Jessie doll! It is the only doll she "holds"! (she is almost 1 year) I like all of Jessies sayings too, so cute!