Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's official

Well it's official we are now a one Excursion family. They totaled it. I am putting on more pictures. We went today to clean it out- and had the guy from Car Toys met us there to take out our $4,000 stereo system. The junkyard man was on us- he told us we could not take the stereo/DVD/navigation system out- I told him I sure as hell can- it is my car- and we put the factory stereo back in it- now you know he had his eye on this system. Who in their right mind would leave a stereo like that in a totalled vehicle? Please!

I am just so happy that this beast of a car did it's job and Jen walked away without a scratch. Build Ford tough. The insurance company was more then fair- and paid us more then we bought it for- so all is fine- except our rates will go up! :)

Bye, bye mirror

look at the smashed in roof


  1. Amazing that she was not hurt.... Amazing. (OT, Can you email me your address? I have something to send you!)Hugs, onemorebaby

  2. wow, that really was a messed up accident, thank God jen is ok. how scary.

    And good for you for taking out your stereo, who the heck did he think he was, oh yea, a guy who wanted a new stereo for his car.

  3. Wow, that smashed in roof is scary. Shhesh.

    Oh what a load of crap about that stereo. I cant believe it. He so was going to take that for himself. Wow.

  4. OMG!!! I am so glad everyone(yup, pups are people, too!) are okay!! And good on you for taking your stereo out. I hate when the men folk think we're too stupid to know our rights in stuff like that :)

  5. Man I hate looking at pics like these...makes my stomach turn thinking about people in the car when it got like that. A few years ago my sister and her three kids were in a bad accident where someone T-boned them after running a red light. One of the kids was air evacted to the hospital. The ambulance took the rest to a different hospital. Everyone freaked out looking for Christina; thankfully it was all cleared up in a few minutes and everyone was OK.