Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When I went to bed last night.....

My kitchen looked like this...
This is the outside wall, to the left- through the doorway is the fridge seen in the other picture.

By noon- it looked like this- no cabinets and everything pushed to the side.

Tonight when I go to bed it now looks like this....
Wow- what a difference a day makes! I am very thankful that- while it looks funny- the workers left the fridge and sink in place for now so we can still function.
Taya is feeling better today too. What a great day!


  1. It is so neat to see all the transformations! It really is going to look amazing when it is all finished!

    Good for you for snapping pic's - and thanks for sharing them. I like to see the work in progress!

  2. It looks great. I'm glad for you guys. Its nice to see that they are getting somewhere.
    I bet it makes you feel better.

  3. Glad Taya is feeling better!

    I love before and after pictures! Makes it real that something is progressing. :)

  4. I cant wait to see the finished project. Look at how open the room lookes with the wall gone.

  5. Wow one day does make a big difference. Can't wait till it is done. I noticed your fridge. What type of covering is that?