Monday, April 27, 2009

I wanna go beach!

Taya found her new swim suit and a shovel and came to me saying "I wanna go Beach" so I pried the suit out of her grasp and took a picture of her with her shovel.

Try explaining to a three year old that in a month we are going to Hawaii and she can go to the beach everyday when she wants to go today.

I have been sick most of the weekend- the bruise that the nurse gave me from the IV is HUGE, I look like I tried to kill myself. Who puts an IV in the wrist? My arm is really sore from it- and I am an iv pro- but I am glad to be feeling better.

They put insulation in some of our kitchen today and we ordered the cabinets, I think we picked the flooring and carpet for the kids' rooms- so we are moving right along. The construction guys say they will be done in three weeks- should we have a contest? You and I both know that is not going to happen when they only work half days twice a week!

I read a great saying today that I thought I would share- spoiler alert if you are not a religious fan stop here.

"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something"


  1. I like that quote a lot. It sure brings back my thoughts of him 'ignoring' my desire to be a mother while Kayla was in the works.

  2. Love that quote a lot. Thanks for sharing that.

    Mark could sympathize with your IV pain. :( He's such a hard poke and find that he had one in his finger. :( Last time he was in the hospital, he had one in his foot. I know how much it hurts him so I really feel for you. :(

  3. I wanna go to the beach too! And have to admit that I am SUPER jealous that you guys are going to Hawaii. When do you guys go? Can I please be a stow away?? Well, since I am a package deal, there would actually be 6 of us! lol Please be sure to post pic's - so that I can live vicariously.

    Love the quote.

    Glad to hear things are moving right along with the house. I have my fingers crossed that it is completed in 3 weeks.

    Adorable pic of Taya!!