Monday, April 6, 2009

My new barn quilt

I really wish I was showing you a picture of my barn- with my barn quilt on it- but I am not. This is the pattern I am hoping to do- it has to be approved by some little old ladies that have nothing better to do then decide if I can hang a cool pattern on my barn. :)

There is really no purpose- but I think it looks cool. It will be 4x4. This barn is in Iowa. Then we will be on some list- for people who are bored and want to come to our county and drive around and look at peoples barns with painted quilts on them.

I know this will be a big surprise- the construction guys have not been here in two weeks.


  1. Well - I hope the lil old ladies approve it - cause it is really neat!

  2. there a "homeowners association" for farms that decides this, or is this some kind of farm thing that city boys like me know nothing of, getting approval for barn decorations? Hell I'd keep those old biddies busy forever LOL.

  3. 2 weeks!? Oh my gosh...what are they waiting for? You need your house back!