Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, today was court

Today was the day that Bryce went to court over his fighting incident. I have not been able to sleep most of the week- but it went well.

There were about 100 people- 20 had the same charges as he did- most got $50 fine, 12 hours of community service, a year probation, and a class about preventing violence.

I spoke with the City Attorney, plead his case and I am happy with the outcome. He did not get a fine- had some court costs- got a deferred sentence and will go to the class.

He was the nicest dressed child there- so many kids wore awful clothes- one Mom came in a tank top and shorts- it amazes me. He was the only child with two parents there.

The other kid was there too- he got a $150 fine, court costs, a year supervised probation, 12 hours of community service, and will also have to take the class.- Oh and he showed up late for court.

I am glad it is behind me and Bryce. I am also leaving you with some other pictures. One of our pups, Teriyaki the kitty, and Bryce dressed up before court.


  1. Love your animals. They are so cute! Oh...Bryce too. hehe! He looks so great dressed up.

  2. Glad court is behind you! I can imagine that's a huge relief

  3. Ok - I just want to kiss that cute lil puppy face! And that kitty is just beautiful! Bryce is super handsome all dressed up.

    Glad that court is behind you. And doesn't it just amaze you that people just don't care? I know here, you can't wear shorts into court. Not that I know from personal experience, but that is just what I have been told. So, I guess, technicall I don't know..... but you know what I mean - right? :-)

  4. Glad it tured out okay... must be a big relief to have it overwith. : )

  5. "He did not get a fine- had some court costs- got a deferred sentence and will go to the class."
    Impressions are everything, if he wore jeans with holes in them, not sure if the outcome would of been the same. I work in the legal system and I refuse to take any clients to court if they are not dressed appropriatly.

    As for that cute adorable. I am trying to talk my partner into getting a goldendoodle due to his allergies. I miss having a dog.

    growiing up i had golden retrievers (the best dogs in the world) i just cant get over that cute face.....

  6. You did exactly what you shoud have done- showed the Court respect by dressing the part, AND show you are involved and care having both parents there.
    I'm glad you can get past it now. Love the animals- sooooo precious!