Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jury Duty

We live in a small town- so we get Jury duty summons all the time- but we never have to go. You call the night before and your number is never called. Well mine was!

So I went to court today- they called 200 jurors and only 53 showed up! We sat around for a few hours- I of course forgot to bring something to read. The lady next to me was napping and the guy to my right talked to anyone who would listen about how much he hates Obama!

They finally moved us into a court room and I am called to be Juror number 3! They ask a million questions- it is funny to watch how hard some people try to get out of jury duty- they him and haw and say things they think will get them excused until finally the judge has enough and lets them go. I will admit I went there this morning thinking I would also not like to have to deal with this. I have better things to do.

As the day went on I softened a little and I heard the excuses of so many people and I figured I am here for the duration- OK no big deal. It was a stalker case, and violation of a restraining order- so it might be interesting. It was on the calendar for 5 days.

The guy is representing himself and looks a like like Charles Manson- but hey I will listen and I can be fair.

Of course once the court found out that I am a therapist at the Domestic Violence shelter I was let go- but I got to spend the whole day watching this process. I will admit it was interesting.

Here is the creepy thing though- I came home and looked up the defendant on the computer- something I can do because I am not a juror. He lives about 1/2 mile from us and he is a 3 time convicted sexual offender. So I am very glad I was not chosen to be on the jury.

On a brighter note- the construction guys came today and put the shingles on the new roof! Yeah we are making sloooooow progress.


  1. Ick. I hope that guy gets whatever he deserves.

  2. That's freaky that he lives so close to you!

  3. Run away from the nasty ness just kidding
    it makes me wonder how many live by me

  4. Hey kate. I would love to hook up with you guys in Hawaii. Did you say Maui? I have to find out which island Hickim AFB is on because that is where I would land if I took the military HOP. And I have to check with Nick to make sure he is ok with me going. I know he worries about me all the time even tho I have flown half way around the world alone and with a 5 week old baby! Let me do some research and see what Nick says. What are the dates you will be there again?