Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is how we spent our day...

Taya woke up sick- she has been vomiting all day- I feel for the poor baby. She has gone from the bed to the couch back and forth all day. I am so hoping that she feels a little better tomorrow and can keep something down- even water.

Notice the green puke bucket- I know this is way too much information- but you know I puke too much when I go to the Dollar store just to buy containers for me to puke in when I am sick- but they also come in handy for situations like today.


  1. Oh poor girl! It must be so hard to watch your baby like that.

  2. Oh poor poor baby. I sure do hope she is feeling better today.

    Give her hugs for me!

  3. The poor little sweetie! I hate it when they're sick. : ( Give her a hug from me...

  4. Oh the poor thing! I feel so bad.

    I buy puke buckets, too. :( When Mark has his episodes, we go through a lot. It sucks, doesn't it. :(

    I hope she feels better real soon.