Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Random Stuff

Not a whole lot going on here in our little town. The kids had 5 days off from school- I swear kids get more breaks from school then I ever remember getting.

The weather has been warm, cold, warm, cold- so that is driving me crazy- I just want it to be warm already.

The windows came in for the new kitchen and they were all wrong- so they had to order new ones- more delays. However, I do think we finally made a cabinet plan for the kitchen, picked colors and counter tops- that was really difficult- so I feel like a huge chunk is out of the way. The electrician has been here all week putting in the million outlets that I want.

My parents came to dinner on Monday. I got a Honey Baked Ham- I love those.

Now I have a question- in the bottom photo Taya and I are on the slide at the park. If you notice on Taya's slide there are bumps molded into the plastic. Now who decided that bumps would feel good on your rear when you are sliding down the slide? These are things that I think about that drive me crazy. Not to mention- if they are such a great idea why don't they put them on both slides? Just wondering.


  1. Sounds like these are moving on the new addition - slowly, but surely. Can't wait to see the finished job!

    Love the new dirt bike! My Mom is fond of motorcycles and such, so I have grown up loving them also. I keep trying to talk Kel into us getting one - maybe when the kids are older and we get more time just us!

    The new kitten is adorable!

    As for the bumps on the slide - I think it is for the smaller children, so they don't go as fast since they can't stop themselves as good/quickly as bigger kids. And the other slide doesn't have it so the bigger kids can still zoom down. Not sure if that is true, just my opinion!!

  2. Ok, that is really weird about the slide. Love th pictures. That sure is one big pup you got there!

  3. I think they're speed bumps to slow a kidlette from shooting out the end. I hope so b/c the alternative is just sick!