Friday, April 3, 2009

What a difference a year makes....

Trey has always been bigger then Dylan. They were delivered 3 weeks early because Trey was hogging all the food in the womb- Trey was 7 pounds 6 oz and Dylan was 5 pounds 3 oz. Trey was the size of a full term singleton when he was born. I have gotten used to the difference and Trey is a freak of nature- just really tall for his age. Of course it helps that the donor was 6 foot 8- and I am also tall.

The picture in the wetsuits was taken in May of last year in Maui- the picture below it was taken in March of this year- looks like they have both changed a lot- and Dylan probably won't be catching up anytime soon. Hard to believe they are twins.


  1. Wow...It is so hard to tell that they are twins!

  2. They are too freaking cute!!