Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow I have a 15 year old!

Bryce turned 15- I cannot believe that I have a 15 year old! We had dinner at pizza hut- and he spent most of the day riding his new dirt bike.

Bryce is not a big cake fan- even as a child he wanted strawberries and cool whip brought to his class instead of cupcakes. This was the first year he wanted me to make him a cake- white cake with German Choc frosting- an interesting combination- but he liked it.

He has not said anything more about his permit- but hopefully he knows me pretty well that I won't give in until he has C's or better.

However, the inevitable has come- I will make you hold out until tomorrow to know what it is....


  1. Happy Birthday Bryce!

    And the suspense is KILLING ME!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Bryce!

    Isn't it tomorrow? :)

  3. happy happy, 15 huh? how scarey is that?