Thursday, January 1, 2009

CSI NY comes to our house!

So we are a strange bunch, ready and willing to go out on a limb and try new things and this will prove it...

Jen and I apparently do not have enough drama in our lives with 5 kids, 17 dogs, 3 goats, 4 llamas, and emu, a goose, 2 horses, half a dozen cats, and my best friend who is single and on the prowl for her next victim. So, to add a little more we watch all the sick shows on TV. Well, we record them on the DVR to watch at a later date- because the only time we can watch TV is late at night.

We record all the CSI's, Cold Case, Without a Trace, Eleventh Hour- you get the idea. We need therapy. We were watching CSI-NY and there was a case where these people took some berries from Africa and ate them and it altered their taste buds- making sour things taste sweet- they had a party, ate the berries and then tasted different foods- in the show they also added elephant dung and Drano to the list of goodies, thus killing the character who could not taste the Drano and she died. Her death is the inspiration for my New Year's activities.

So the CSI Linsey is trying to figure out what killed this girl and why she did not know she was drinking Drano and she discovers the berries in her stomach- she has Mac taste one and then bite into an onion and he eats it like an apple saying how sweet it is. So Jen and I get this wild idea that we want to try the berries! We rewind the show about 400 times trying to write down the name of the berry- Synsepalum dulcificum. OK so you can just imagine all the ways we had that baby misspelled. Then I go to my trusty computer and I find them and order some. I ordered them from here. Crazy I know.

Well what better time to try these berries then New Year's Eve? We lead a boring life and had no big plans so we went and bought lemons, limes, and grapefruit. The only sour things that our brains could think of. Jen's Mom was over and my best friend Ann, so we all popped a berry in and waited to see what would happen.

Funny is seeing 4 adults sucking on a berry from a far away land and wondering if anything will happen- nothing did- so after awhile Ann was the first brave one to spit out her seed-(the berries have a seed in them that you do not eat) and she grabbed a lemon and just bit into it- I waited for her to get a pucker face but she did not. The lemon was sweet! She grabbed a lime and Jen grabbed some fruit-I being the responsible Mother was still watching in awe:) I started with a grapefruit- if they were lying to me I did not want a lemon to be my first taste. It was delicious. I could not believe it. The lemon tasted like the sweetest lemonade I have ever had. The grapefruit was just so sweet and juicy and the lime was wonderful. It was so cool. Jen's mom kept tasting fruit and saying they tasted the same- we remembered later that when her brain tumor was removed they said her taste buds were affected- so the berry does not work for her.

I tried to get Ann and Jen to eat dog poop or shampoo or something a little more daring but they just wouldn't play!

So that is how we spent our New Year's. Eating berries that we learned about on CSI, playing Tripoly and we watched Step brother's. At midnight we set off some fireworks with the kids that I had forgotten I had left from the Fourth of July. I hope everyone else had a great night as well. Here are some pictures of Jen eating her fruit.


  1. That is way too funny! I think I would have been a wimp and not tried the berries. hehe!

  2. That's funny. :) Sounds like something we would've done.

  3. Neat that we have the same birthday! I been doing my scrapbooks all weekend and I used up those adoption stickers you sent me. I love them! I was thinking of you when I used them!

  4. OMG !!!!!!!! U guy's sound like u had a blast on New Years Eve.... SO Have your Taste Buds been altered??? U should have Blind Folded Jen then had her taste whatever u wanted her to try... I wouldn't have eaten the dog poo either LOL...I Look forward to more Posts.. Till then.... Jason