Sunday, January 11, 2009

I warned you...

I told you llama porn was going to be my topic today, and I would hate to disappoint my fans. So ta da..... Skeeter is mounting his Aunt Bandana. I guess he missed the announcement that he is fixed, poor guy just can't take no for an answer.

The llama in the front is Crystal- Skeeter's Mom. So these are my llamas. Crystal and Skeeter are the only tame ones. Bandana is always watching and if Ann is within 10 feet then duck because loogies are going to fly.

10 interesting llama facts I bet you did not know:

1.- Llamas are pregnant for 11 months

2.- Llamas do not like to be touched between their ears

3.- Llamas always potty in the same spot- so it makes cleaning up after them easy

4.- Sweet feed is too rich for llamas and can kill them-we found this out the hard way

5.- Llamas have 3 stomachs

6.- Llamas do not like their necks rubbed- most do not like to be touched at all

7.- Most Vets have no idea how to treat llamas- found this out the same day as the grain- when the Vet shows up to help you with a sick llama and he has a book in his hand about llamas- you know the outcome is not going to be good!

8.- Llamas kick sideways not backwards like a horse

9.- Llamas lay down when you pull them in a horse trailer- it is called cushing

10.-Llamas do not have top teeth so they really can't bite you

See how did you know when you were reading blogs today that you were also going to learn so much!

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  1. Your a sicko taking dirty pictures of the love making going on between a nephew and his auntie.

    I love you sweetheart.