Friday, January 30, 2009

I survived the 6th graders

Well the 6th graders did not eat me alive- but it was tough. The first class was quiet- hard to get to interact. Interestingly what was most important to boys was respect and trust- girl was love and encouragement.

The second class was WILD! They caught me off guard. We were talking about self esteem and I asked what they liked or are good at- I got answers like this:

Soft Underwear- what?
I am good in bed- Whoa- was not expecting this at all!
I like to kiss- Ok my boys will be staying away from this girl- I got her name.
I like parties- Parties? Who goes to parties in 6th grade?

So the afternoon class was crazy- and I now know I don't want my kids to be unsupervised in the same building with these wild children. It is amazing how you can tell the kids that need some structure and attention in their lives. I can't say it was fun- I just don't think I am meant to be a teacher, but it is important to get the message out to the kids about safe relationships.

4 puppies remain- 9 did not make it- that just turns my stomach.

My pup going to Hawaii was delayed- so maybe next week. I feel so bad for her owners- they have waited so long for her.

Taya has dance class today- yeah! I get a full hour to read- I love to read- so I am looking forward to it.

Bryce is going to a school dance tomorrow- how exciting.

Jen has an appointment with the ENT Dr. today.

Did you guys know Circuit City is going out of business? I had a rebate from Christmas and it is no good- bummer. Crazy times we live in.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Woah, 6th graders said all that?? Wow. They arent shy are they? Kids are growing up way too young these days. It's terrible.

    By the way, Jen hasnt blogged in a while. Tell her blog more! I love her humor. LOL!