Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roasting Marshmallows

Do you ever have friends that offer their free advice all the time? Well we do. Jen's brother, Pat told her to go to the Health Food store and get these ear waxing candles- you place them in your ears and light them on fire- it is supposed to pull all the wax and gunk out. Pat said it worked so good he could hear an ant fart. Since Jen has been struggling with ear infections she decided to give it a try. I grabbed my camera. Our children have a warped sense of humor- I honestly wonder where they get it from...Bryce grabbed the marshmallows to roast, Dylan warmed his hands from the flames spewing out of the side of Jen's head. I just laughed and took pictures.

Roasting a marshmallow in the flames
Keeping their hands warm
Now Bryce is cooking a snack at Jen's expense

We are sick and twisted people

Jen is happy as a clam to be providing heat for our next meal
In the end she thought one ear felt better but the other one that is infected was the same- but I must say there was a lot of orange wax that came out- pretty sick stuff on a Wednesday afternoon. We really need to get hobbies.
Honestly this whole thing made me think of by blogger friend Tammy- sounds like something her and Mark would do!


  1. Oh my gosh, Tammy and Mark will get a kick out of this. I think your sense of humor is great. I especially love Jen's sense of humor!

  2. I'm laughing sooooo hard over here!!! Too funny! Definitely something we would do!