Saturday, January 10, 2009

He used to be a baby...

Well while the rest of you were enjoying a normal Saturday- and in Michelle's case trying to burn the house down, we were playing cowgirl's on the farm.

We did some animal switching this week- moved the goats to a new location, got rid of a llama- 2 males can't live together because they will fight- and I wanted to move Skeeter, my male over to our other pasture with his Mom and Aunt. Seems easy enough. NOT!

Skeeter was a baby when we got him, still nursing on his Mama- so of course we could not just take him- we had to buy the Mom too so he could nurse- well them we also had these visions of breeding llamas so we also bought the Dad and my friend Ann bought the Aunt- we had no business buying 1 llama let alone 3! Now let me set the stage a bit- we were not ready at all for llamas- we just heard they keep coyotes away and Jen has a weakness for animals- so we went to look. We all know about looking. So buying a llama turned into buying 3 llamas, a huge fencing project and the neighbor also getting a llama.

I don't regret it a bit. They have been great pets- Ann's llama Bandana, hated her- she could spit a loogie a mile away just to hit Ann- never spit on anyone else but Ann she hates- so eventually Ann also gave Bandana to us.

We have had them about 4 years now- and Skeeter is still my baby- although he hates to be caught and moved. He just knew today- like a dog knows the Vet's office, that we were up to something. He loves these treats that I give him and even those he was wary about. So Jen being the wanna be cowgirl that she is- roped him until I could halter him- now you wanna see funny- picture Jen in her pajama shorts trying to lasso a 300 pound llama. But, she did and it worked. Skeeter is now happy as a llama could be in a 5 acre pasture with his Mom and Aunt- so I have a few pictures with him. It is such a rewarding experience to be able to love these amazing creatures that we have.

Stay tuned tomorrow- I have llama porn pictures!


  1. Have you read Llama, Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney? LOL
    PS: please no llama porn ;)

  2. HeHe...yeah, I didnt have a normal Saturday. And guess what? Not a normal Sunday either. *sigh* That will be tomorrow's blog.

    Wish I could visit you and meet all your wonderful animals! Im an animal lover. Your right, it is an amazing experience to love animals. Nick and I talk about it, its amazing that an animal can love a human and a human can have so much love for an animal.

  3. Kate, I just realized something. You call your blog Stinky Tinky. When I first saw your blog, I wondered what that meant. I no longer wonder that. Because one of Kayla's nick names is Stinker Winker. HEHE!!! I been calling her Stinker Winker for quite a few months now.