Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poor Puppies

Well our litter of 13 miracle puppies was quickly reduced by 4 the day of the birth due to complications, and now 3 more have died. Jen tried to keep them alive feeding them every 15 minutes, but they were too week. We still have a couple not doing well- so in the next day or two we will know what Lilo ended up with. I hate this part. The litter was huge and they were so small- it makes it hard to survive.

On a brighter note- I am going to the school today to talk to 6th graders about safe dating and self esteem- I hope they don't eat me alive. Kids at that age can be so difficult. I am sure you are wondering how I got roped into this one- I volunteer at the Domestic Violence shelter- and I run the woman's group on Wed's- I am on call one weekend a month for crisis calls- in the same building there is a lady that runs the sexual assault program by herself- so I volunteered to help her. Last year she had me do some classes at the Middle School- and now it looks like I am doing them for the 6th graders too. I hope it goes well. I dreamt about it all night- about how awful the kids were and rude. So it can't be worse than my dreams right?

I am shipping a dog to Hawaii tomorrow- she has been waiting for 8 months to go to her new owners- so that is pretty exciting to have that journey completed. I wish I was going to Hawaii tomorrow with her, but I have to wait until June.

Jen has just informed me that we are having a Super Bowl party- have I ever mentioned I hate football? I can't figure out who has the ball. I just don't get it- too many rules. So maybe I will scrapbook while they sit around yelling at the TV like someone can really hear them.

Have a happy Thursday.


  1. Soooo sorry about the puppies. I hope the remaining ones do okay.

    I'd go to Hawaii in a heartbeat. Let's just rent a plane or something and go. :)

  2. So sorry about the puppies. They're all so beautiful.
    Scrapbooking will be a good distraction!

  3. Oh... sad. When we lived on a farm, when I was growing up, people sometime stossed bags of litters of pups and kittens onto our property. We'd always try desperatly to keep them alive, but mostly it was a losing battle.. just too weak, poor things.
    Dating wrokshop in gr 6- good call! They are starting sooo young these days with "serious" relationships.

  4. Oh Im sooooo sorry. It must be hard to watch precious tiny lives come into the world only to see them leave so soon.