Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lordy, Lordy- look who's 40!

Well, my Birthday continues. Friday as you all know, I turned 40. Jen said she was going to take me out to dinner and Taya would spend the night at Ann's. So that is what I planned. The boys came home from school and all wanted to go to Ann's- she lives next door- next door in the country is 10 acres away- but still next door. I did not think this was too weird because Ann's kids and my kids play all the time. I told them to behave since they were all going over there.

So, I got Taya bathed and ready, packed her over night bag and Jen said we were leaving at 6:15 because Ann's son got a new puppy and I wanted to see her. On the way over Jen stopped to see if the llamas needed water- I thought it was an odd time to check- but whatever.

When we got to Ann's, I walked in like I always do- and SURPRISE! There was a house full of friends. I had no idea. She was checking the llama water because that was the signal we were on our way- the kids wanted to go over there to help decorate! They got me. I usually have a clue about things- but I really thought we were going to dinner and that Taya was spending the night. I packed her bag for nothing.

I had a great night- got to see some friends I had not seen in awhile, got to be with my great kids and my wonderful husband. Thanks Jen and Ann for a great Birthday- I love you guys.

Oh, and still no puppies- but she is miserable.

Wow look at all the smoke from all those candles!
I love my Husband!

Great gifts, from great friends!
A candle holder!

Taya is not sure about all this- nice hat!


  1. I love you too honey! Happy Birthday my beautiful wife. You are amazing and so wonderful, I am so happy that you were suprised. It was a great party. Love you baby.

  2. What a sweet surprise! Love that picture with all the smoke! LOL!