Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am so proud of my oldest son, Bryce

So this was Bryce's first year of high school. School does not come easy to him, he struggles to get his assignments done- and has always struggled with reading and spelling. Most years when he goes out for a sport he misses some games because of his grades.

This year he went out for high school football. Now you have to know I HATE football. I have never liked it, I do not understand it. It is always cold to sit and watch it. I would much rather have a root canal then go watch football.
They would practice twice a day, for hours on end. They started in August before school was in session. He played on the Freshman team and the JV team and when that season ended, he was asked to stay join the Varsity team.
He missed a lot of school to go to away games. We live in the country in a small town so to go to any game is at least an hour and a half drive. He was eligible the entire season. He never missed a game. He made up his work and really had to focus on school- he wanted to be part of this football team so bad.

The Varsity team ended up winning the Tri-Valley Championship and went to state- where they lost their only game this season, but Bryce got to be a part of the whole thing. he also lettered in football- so he is very excited to get to wear his new letter jacket for 4 years.

To some kids this came easy, but I know, as Bryce's Mom, how hard he worked for this. He went to bed early because his body was so tired, he sat on uncomfortable buses for hours on end, he stood in the freezing rain to cheer on his fellow team mates, he went to weight lifting at the crack of dawn. He never complained once.

I just wanted to say how proud I am. I love you son.

Bryce's team wins a game

Bryce with his letter and patches

The back of his new coat

The front of his new coat- is he happy or what?

What a stud!


  1. This is the best blog my love!! I loved it, Bryce is a stud we are very lucky to have such a stud for a son. You are an amazing mom my love. YAMWAILY

  2. Yeah! I love it when a child exceeds expectations others may have put on him. Congratulations!