Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Puppies!

Today- while many of you were at work I was delivering more puppies. These are miracle puppies.

We have a female who was a large female and by far an ALPHA female who liked to strut her stuff. Well she had puppies about a year ago and was no longer the biggest female. One day in December, the rest of the girls jumped her when she was walking by and if you have ever seen a dog fight- it was bad! 7 against 1. By the time Jen got them apart Lilo was in bad shape- we thought her leg was broken. But she made it- what we did not know at the time was that she was pregnant- with 13 puppies! We watched her belly grow over the past month, in awe that she did not lose them.

So a month later- today- she delivered. She did a great job. Most of them made it, a few did not. That is the hardest part of what I do- death. I see more death than I care to. On the bright side though, I saved three of them that would have otherwise died. By the time a Mom delivers 13 puppies she is tired and needs help, so I cut the cords, and break the sacks, and get the puppies breathing for her.

I love having puppies around- because they are so fun- however we keep them in our bedroom suite so the first few weeks I don't get much sleep because I am such a light sleeper. What a blessing it is though to bring joy to so many people.

Wrestling started today for the boys. I am glad they will be able to use up some of their extra energy.

Toby took second place at the Science fair at his school.

A new baby- just a few hours old

Taya laying with the new babies


  1. Oh my gosh Kate. Im sucker for pups. I just love their milky breath...ahhh I wish I could come visit you so I can hold them and love on them. There is just something about newborn pups and cats that makes me melt.

  2. They are just adorable! I like Michelle am a sucler for puppies! We took Gryfinn to see our friends chocolate puppies when they were born - it was just so sweet to see him with them! I will have to try and post a picture of him with them!

  3. Hi Kate!
    Congrats to Toby!
    Definitely miracle pups! They're beautiful!

  4. http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/
    (To answer your question!) *grin*