Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remember when...

you were little and you would build forts to play in? I was always stealing every blanket and sheet my Mother had to make forts. I made big ones and little ones, I used furniture and chairs and anything I could find. It would keep me busy for hours- oh it was so much fun.

I would bring my dolls in my forts and play house or school- of course not ever letting my stinky brother bring his GI Joe's in. I could destroy a room with the mess I would make- but it was good clean fun.

Dylan put a twist on fort making this weekend and made a hammock. He is hanging from Trey's top bunk- and the hammock holds a fair amount of weight- Bryce got in it. So now Dylan is sleeping in his fort. Taya has a mini one that Dylan made nearby. They are just having a good time. I am not sure what he will do when the new addition is finished and he finds out he won't have bunk beds anymore. :)

You may notice that Dylan looks a bit like a hippie with his long hair. It is a phase he is going through. Bryce did it too. I pick and choose my battles and hair is not one of them. I figure when he gets tired of looking at the world through his mop of hair or his friends give him a hard time he will come to me for a haircut- Bryce did.

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  1. That looks like so much fun. Does he wanna come here and build me one of those to hang out it with Kayla? HEHE!